Tiva Media

We have established a number of great websites and we are visited by a great number of people. Recognised by great publishing partners such as Google News and News Now. This gives the sites in depth potential and a great reach possible.

We deliver football related content in English and Norwegian, via our websites and blogs, Soccervoice, TCF-Filbertway and Norwegian Blue.

Soccervoice have allready reached a global audience of 10 million, and we are growing, the site offers a combination of self written content, links and updates of many different areas regarding the world of football.

Traffic is basically from Google News, Facebook and Twitter

TCF-Filbertway is a very popular webzine for the club Leicester City with a grand audience and reaches thousands each day depending on the numbers of articles published. The site is ran by addicted and devoted Leicester City supporters.

Traffic is bascially from News Now, Facebook and Twitter

Norwegian Blue is a popular blog in Norwegian, taking on topics from the footballing World past and present. The site has been visited by more than 45 000 fans, and growing. Published more or less only via SBF (Supporterunionen for Britisk Fotball).

Traffic is basically from SBF Facebook

We offer a number of advertising links and options, please don’t hasitate to contact us via the form in the menu.