Welcome to Soccervoice. We are specialists in football  and based in Scandinavia. The idea of merging fans with brands is our top priority.

  • Experience
    • Started in 1999, soon 20 years in digital sports
  • Reach
    • Yearly we have reached 10 million or more
  • Scale
    • Exclusive Web and Facebook sites, popular Twitter accounts
  • Targeted
    • We link up fans with brands and appear in the right places
  • Content
    • Good rank on content, reaching the top at the best news aggregators
  • Success
    • Working closely with leading agencies such as ICS Digital and Perform Group

More …

Soccervoice, the website, was established in 2005, and is a great window to the world of football / soccer. We have worked with a great number of partners to reach 10 million viewers, floating on mainly two big websites, https://soccervoice.com and https://filbertway.com

We mainly publish our own brands, sell advertising and create football content. We have following around the globe and proud to be a source to a big audience especially in the UK, USA and Scandinavia. We also reach a high scale in Australia and Africa.

We can also offer content and solution work together to third parties, and has been used by Bet365 as content and maintenance deliveries. Doing work in Norwegian, English and Danish.

We have since 2010 delivered live audio content to hosts, which is mainly live commentary of games from different European leagues and tournaments. We have also covered the Euro’s and World Cup during these years.

Our main focus is football / soccer and love to find the best ideas of both present and past, combining a range of solutions and platforms to be able to reach the audience that really care about this sport.

If you have a football media challenge, looking for advertising opportunities and trying to grow a fanbase or just want to chat with us about football, don’t hesitate to take contact. We will answer no later than 24 hours if you connect us via e-mail to, info@soccervoice.com.

Major Partners & Clients

  • Bet365
  • ICS Digital
  • Perform Group
  • SBF


  • info@soccervoice.com