Blog Talk – Neville Southall: a man too good for mere mortals

From: These Football Times

// On 22 February 2019, a new centre for victims of domestic violence opened in Birkenhead to honour the memory of Paul Lavelle, a fanatical Everton supporter who had been a long suffering, silent victim of abuse culminating in his death at the hands of his girlfriend in May 2017.

Attending the unveiling is a corpulent figure, casually attired in a tracksuit top, a blue football shirt and shorts. He delivers a poignant message whilst unveiling the plaque in commemoration of Paul, in front of his close friends and family who are visibly moved by his presence and touched that this man has taken such a personal interest in their project.

This is not a red-carpet venue where you would expect to find celebrities vying for attention whilst craving tabloid headlines. Yet one man has taken a personal interest in the project out of genuine conviction rather than the opportunity to post an Instagram selfie. This person is Neville Southall, an Everton and Wales legend who, in the period from 1984 to 1987, was arguably the best goalkeeper in the world.

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