Book Review – In Search of Alan Gilzean

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Sadly Alan Gilzean passed away earlier this year on the 8th of July, at the age of 79. His memoars where well documented in the book “In Search of Alan Gilzean”, released a few years back in 2010, but again great reading if you like the good footballing stories.

The Scottish born Gilzean spent his first years in professional football at Dundee. In 1964, then Spurs manager, Bill Nicholson spotted the talented winger, who had scored 169 league goals in 190 appearances, signed him for a fee of £ 72 500.

Dundee, at the time a top team in Scottish football, had with Gilzean in the team won the league in 1961-62 and then the next season reaching the semi-finals of the European Cup. A well working side at the time and one to really remember as a historical event in Scottish football.

Gilzean never looked back and became an instant hit with Spurs, playing alongside other stars and great signings such as Jimmy Greaves, Martin Peters, Martin Chivers and Ralph Coates, with whom Gilzean won a number of trophies and reached several cup finals.

Tottenham with Gilzean in their mid, build on their great 1960-61 double act with two EFL Cup winning medals in 1971 v. Aston Villa, and 1973 v. Norwich City. The UEFA Cup was won in a memorable all English clash with Wolverhampton Wanderers, in a two legged final taking, winning 3-2 away and drawing 1-1 at home.

Tottenham and Gilzean had earlier, in 1967, defeated Chelsea in the FA Cup final and that was another medal in the collection of the Scottish international. Gilzean had during the years at Spurs also played, on relatively regular basis, in the Scottish national team, appearing 22 times and scoring 12 goals.

This books describes a search for the player and his life after his playing days going into a “hide” from everyone and everywhere, but you will through reading be able to find the solution spinning around this mythical phase of Gilzean.

The book is a fairy, easy written and exciting, probably bring to shore details and information not really known before. For the book and your pleasent reading, just click here, the book is also available to explore.

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