Blog Talk – So what’s new and how are we doing so far!

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Reaching 7 million views on the Soccervoice website was a thrill and to go on from there would be great, but in the life of the internet you need to follow the rules and be guided by your viewers.

We reluctantly decided to go from one platform to another, but by doing so we are silently and slowly starting to grow traffic again. To talk about our blog and football portal directly to our views via soccervoice-news is something we intend to do and follow up on.

Google News is still publishing our stories and a new update via our Facebook and Twitter accounts and also a new and fresh update on all our football picture collecting at Pinterest gives a new dimension to the site and it’s public.

So what are we up to at Soccervoice,

  • What’s New
    • Vintage – Focus On
      • We constantly update the site with new factfiles on those great heroes of the past, including Alan Ball, Alan Hudson and Bobby Charlton
    • Teams – AC Milan
      • New and informative facts and links site on AC Milan, with all the important updates you really need on the Italian club. More updates and further clubs will be updated in the weeks to come
    • Ground Guide – Lost Grounds
      • One of our most popular updates during the years the Ground Guide is now been freshened up and ready to go, the Lost Ground section. New is the photo gallery placed on Pinterest
    • Blog Talk
      • As always you will be able to find a number of great articles and updates from our blog, you can easily follow up on all new stories by clicking the category or just browse through it at the bottom of our site
    • Book Reviews
      • You will always find new book reviews from our Extra page, recent updates on Alan Gilzean and Peter Crouch.
    • Obituaries
      • One other site that had a lot of views in the past is updated with the recent and best obituaries being written. Two of the recent obituaries on Kevin Beattie and Paul Madeley is now added.
    • Social Media Channels
      • You can as always follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, new articles and updates every day with feeds from our site to keep you informed of all our recent updates. Don’t miss our grand update on pictures at the Pinterest gallery.

As we are starting to fill the Soccervoice site with new content you will be informed with our monthly review here with our Soccervoice-News update.

Recent stats from the site and the amount of visits we receive

  • Total Website Visits, 7,5 million
  • Total Facebook Followers, 389
  • Total Pinterest Views, 1 200
  • Total Twitter Followers, 175

For more stats on the site, please contact us via the form. We hope to increase the amount of visits and followers so please spread the words as much as possible.

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