Book Review – Peter Crouch, How to be a Footballer

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One of the must reads for a football fan this autumn is the new Peter Crouch autobiography, how to be a footballer. One of the grand old men, still working his trade as a footballer at the age of 37, Peter Crouch has since 2011 played for Stoke City.

Crouch, said to be a Chelsea fan at younger age, but he is said to have a weak spot for QPR as well, but his start as a professional came with neighbor Tottenham Hotspur. Ironically he left without playing a single league game and joined Queens Park Rangers.

He had his breakthrough in football while at Loftus Road. Picked up by Portsmouth and from there the career was build steps by steps, joining Aston Villa, Southampton, Liverpool, back to Portsmouth and than an emotional return to Tottenham, the club that had shipped him out and send him on a grand footballers journey before signing him back.

During the years 2005 to 2010 he was also very much an England international, playing 42 times and scoring an impressive tally of 22 goals. Without knowing, must be among the best ratio’s by an England player.

Gary Linker scored 48 playing 80 games for England, Alan Shearer had 30 in 63, so not at all bad by Peter Crouch. Geoff Hurst, the hero of 66, scored 24 making 49 appearances. But as we all know Crouch has never been talked about in that type of historical view and never been benchmarked against the legends and never been described as “great”.

In 2011 he signed for Stoke City and really settled down in red and white stripes, has performed with presence and his own form of elegance, playing to date 211 league gams and scored 46 goals.

He has been to describe as a typical nomad in football, not really settling in anywhere and been a bit in and out or too good for his environment before he took the chance and signed for Stoke.

The book takes you through a number of stories, happy once and not so happy once, but the book is a well read experience and you can from our affiliate amazon page also take a look inside the book, so just click here, and you will be inside ready to explore.

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