Blog Talk – Fellaini, Cardiff City and Richarlison

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One to follow is the Back Page Football blog, with a number of in depth articles about the current season and right up to date spot on articles. These are not articles eager to get the clicks on sensational rumors or transfer talk, but those articles with a view and opinion in depth.

Back Page Football gives their view on Fellaini and his problematic situation at Manchester United, how he in real is struggling to find his place, despite being a player with a grand potential and once being a crucial player in a very well working Everton side under David Moyes.

A good read about Cardiff City and their predicted problems in the Premier League and how they most likely will see a long and struggling relegation fight in their eyes during the season.

The last story to mention is the one about Everton sensation Richarlison. A player that hopefully will become better and better and how he has taken Goodison with storm in his first appearances in front of home fans this season.

On our run around blogs we are in this October issue out searching. and again we just have to check out The Gentleman Ultra, for a special story on an italian footy topic, and yes indeed we found one. One about Lana Cleland the latest Scot to take Italy by storm.

Lana Cleland is playing her 4th season in Italy and are doing so for Bari, and the blog story takes us back to another Scottish woman who many years ago moved from Scotland, became Italian and won the World Cup, something Cleland never intends to do, she will stay Scottish for life. A good read and as always not found elsewhere.

We are surfing on, to a new site, this time we makes a visit to The Late Tackle, and their story about Premier League and their sponsors. Great read and full of fun facts and stats of everything. When the first Premier League season kicked off, only 13 players were from foreign countries, said, outside UK or Ireland.

None of the managers were from outside the UK or Ireland, and sponsoring names were with a familier name such as Peterborough or Norwich Building Society, Draper Tools and so on. It used to be 60 games live, now it’s 168 games, and the sponsor side of the story has gone sky high.

This was in the electronic age and a number of sponsors came from that trade, such as Tulip and Commodores. Today Gambling companies are the leading sponsors, getting great promotion for their in play betting and being exposed heavily on for example Match of the Day, being shown 241 times and being in the screen during 30% of the time.

We will be back with more blog fun in November, for the time being don’t miss out on our news updates and our bloggroll, always a great read somewhere on that list.

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