Blog Talk – Billy Whitehurst, The Animal and East Germany v. West

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To go around our blogroll is a great way of following up on football. We have picked out a number of stories and talk on the roll. A number of great articles and also a few new websites and blogs now to find on the blogroll. A great number of fantastic articles to be found.

The Football Pink

The Football Pink, one of our favourite blogs, always finds great topics and stories to publish, this time an article about Billy Whitehurst cought our attention. Billy Whitehurst is probably one who has not been seen in the headlines lately, but again fun to read about his career and the player himself.

The now 59 year old Whitehurst made a name for himself at Hull City, where he scored 47 goals in 193 league games from 1980 to 1985. A major move to Newcastle United for a fee of £ 232 000, at the time a record fee for The Magpies, never really hit it off as well as everyone would have wanted. Whitehurst as so many other footballers became a nomad in football travelling the country up and down playing for clubs such as Sunderland, Sheffield United, Oxford United and back to Hull City again.

For the full story and many more interesting articles week in and week out, be shure to visit The Football Pink, great blog with so much fun reading.

The Gentleman Ultra

Another site you should visit is The Gentleman Ultra. A grand covering of the Italian game written in English. Fantastic and great stories to read. There are so many great stories so to pick one out is not easy, but in this “roll” we will like to higlight “When Calcio ruled the World”, a story about Pasquale Bruno, with the nickname “The Animal”. A good read, a coffee and just being by yourself in front of your Ipad, laptop or whatever.

For those who have forgotten Pasquale Bruno, so was he a player that made a name for himself during the 80’s with Juventus. Before his Juve days he had played for Como and Lecce. Bruno later played for Torino and Fiorentina before returning to Lecce and in his latter years ended up in Scotland, playing for Hearts, Wigan and Cowdenbeath.

Always fantastic stories at The Gentleman Ultra, historical views and in depth talk about the Italian game, never to miss and this is our pick this time.

These Football Times

What a fantastic blog with a great and grand view on football topics and in depth talk about the game as it should be. If you are a football lover, please come here, and this time we have noticed an article about the most politically-charged match in history, when East Germany med West in 1974.

To be as old as you can remember this clash is of course a reason to even give the article more notice, and since the “underdog” East Germany won the clash as well and as it also was the only time East played in a World Cup, it’s a memorable one.

The article is based on a German story “ein kampf zwischen brüdern” and relates to the friendliness between the people of the two nations that could see football as a bridge between the two countries that was split between the capital west and communist east.

To read to full story, you can go to These Football Times, and also read a lot of other stories from this “chocolate box” of fantastic pieces of football writing.

Links To Watch

We update our blogroll with the best on football, as we like it, and we recommend you to take notice, our three picks for this time are,

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